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Air University Jobs 2022 – Advertisement by AU Pakistan

If you’re looking to advance your professional career while working in the best possible environment, Air University Jobs might just be the right choice! Here, they are building a culture of fulfillment and teamwork, and companies consider it important that every single individual moves forward at their own pace. Creating a diverse team is critical because they believe that different perspectives drive innovation which benefits both associates as well as the company itself. Apply today by filling out an online form and submitting your updated resume according to the procedure laid out by the firm!

See the advertisement about this university on every major newspaper’s career page and the online job board. This institution is seeking to hire qualified and capable candidates for several different available roles because they are committed to creating an environment that is inclusive of all backgrounds, cultures, and social statuses. They’re currently hiring from Islamabad, Attock, Multan, and across Pakistan if you are interested in joining the amazing team.

Air University Jobs – Latest Jobs in Pakistan 2022

Air University Jobs

Air University Organization

The Air University presents the first-ever academic program in the fields of aviation and aerospace engineering sciences in Pakistan. The establishment was created in 2002 with a primary mission to provide guidance, policy, and planning related to growth pertaining to transport aircraft systems. It is managed by the Board of Directors along with coordination of Chief Air Force Staff under supervision of Deputy Chairman Planning Commission. The institution consists of three campuses located in Islamabad and its phase includes Aviation, Engineering as well as Aeronautical Campus at Kamra whereas another campus located at Multan is still under construction with overall work expected to be finished soon by the end of 2018.

A variety of degrees are offered by the institution, including post-graduate and undergraduate degrees in such fields as medicine, computer science and engineering, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, mathematics, and business management and engineering. It is a profound member of the International Association of Universities and Association of Commonwealth Universities. The mission of this university is to advance the education and research department in every academic field possible as well as produce competent students with sound knowledge, a sense of responsibility, integrity, and enthusiasm in their studies.

Vacancies listed (updated)

  • Associate Professor of Pulmonology
  • Laboratory Incharge
  • Responsible for Laboratories
  • Psychiatry
  • Engineering biomedical systems
  • Mathematics professor
  • Assistant to a researcher
  • Director of Administration Assistant
  • HR Deputy Director
  • Cybersecurity team lead
  • Vice President of Procurement
  • Smart Devices Associate
  • Associate Researcher
  • Operator of computers
  • Human Resources Assistant
  • English professor
  • Psychiatrist Registrar
  • A/Prof. Surgery
  • Orthopedist Professor
  • Officer of Administration
  • Cybersecurity for networks
  • Lecturer in Physiology
  • Registered Orthopedist
  • Professor Assistant Accident
  • Security Research Associate
  • Cybersecurity for networks
  • Assistant in Accounting
  • Sociology professor
  • HR Assistant
  • Tutor

Benefits and Salaries at Air University

When it comes to career opportunities, Air University wins. EVERY time. That’s not just empty praise – the university is exceptionally well-designed to provide students with experiences that start from day one and go all the way until graduation. The university is also very inclusive, allowing students to get involved in extracurricular and volunteer activities so that they understand what it’s like in corporate America as well as use this opportunity to make invaluable contacts that can lead to lucrative careers upon graduating.

  • Networking opportunity of a lifetime
  • Salaries that are competitive
  • High-level management that is responsible and positive
  • The environment should be conducive to collaboration
  • Colleagues and seniors who are supportive
  • Trainings and development
  • Sick leaves and personal time off
  • Incentive-based performance management

How to Apply Online for Air University Jobs?

Applicants interested in applying for jobs at Air University can read the detailed instructions specified here if they would like to know the best procedure to follow when they want to find a faculty or staff position at this institute. We’ve gathered all of the necessary information that may be useful here, but you should note that it’s always better to make sure things are accurate by going through their official website as well.

When you open a position, it will display detailed information about the requirements for the job. Now download and fill out the application form and submit it. Attach your resume so that it can pass through the scrutiny process. Application forms will be reviewed by the recruitment team of officers and deans from each department. Those who will get selected will be notified by a phone call or email to know the date and venue of their presentation.

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