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If you are looking for jobs in the government sector and want to work for your country, then you should apply now at BPSC Careers because their employment options allow individuals to explore their potential along with providing empowerment and nurturing. By working for a company or organization like BPSC Jobs, you can help make your personal life better as well as put yourself on track to earn a good salary doing something that you really enjoy.

BPSC posts jobs for Civil Service, Police Service, Lecturers, Anti-Corruption and other jobs through separate announcements annually. They usually hire employees with expertise in the service of their new projects and distinct offices. The latest news and vacancies are updated regularly on our website and if you want to stay up to date then subscribe to our website.

BPSC Jobs in Quetta – Latest Advertisement in Balochistan


Balochistan Public Service Commission Organization

The Balochistan Public Service Commission is responsible for recruiting capable, competent and talented people in order to fill in key positions throughout the province. This agency was founded under a law of 1974, which is the Constitution of Balochistan. The primary goal of this organization is to promote equal opportunity and affirmative action in government employment and services. In fact, it promises not to discriminate on grounds such as price, nationality, The BPSC has defined its constitutional duties.

In this Act, the government identified specific rules related to civil servants’ hiring, appointment, joining and transferring. The applicable methods and qualifications have been clearly defined and regulated on the basis of these principles. In accordance with these procedures it recruits individuals by administering different written tests scores as well as objective and subjective interviews. After careful deliberations they are now laying new groundwork for assessing each individual. Soon there will be computer-adaptive assessments in place that measure cognitive skills by means of brain activity sensors at the time of test taking which is known as brain-computer or mind-computer interfaces.

Job Openings (Updated)

  • Officer of soil conservation
  • Engineering Assistant
  • Auxiliary Accountant
  • Journalist
  • Engineer in Mine Safety
  • Physicist
  • Inspector of Prosecutions
  • Vice-President
  • Officers in subdivisions
  • Libraries, Assistant
  • Veterinarian
  • Library
  • An investigator’s assistant
  • Inspector of drugs
  • Mines Inspector
  • The livestock officer develops livestock
  • Director of Administration
  • Assistant Professor
  • Technical Assistant

Salaries and benefits at BPSC Jobs

People who apply for a government job through the BPSC Jobs platform often have the same questions about what kind of advantages they will receive should they decide to join. Each agency has their unique programs that are tailored towards what works best for their agency and employees, but there are many perks that are consistent across most: excellent pay, a professional environment alongside coworkers you can trust during training and various other learning resources as well as room to grow within the organization!

  • Accommodations at no charge
  • Lunch for free and travel for free
  • Daily allowances
  • Exceptional health care services
  • The immediate family has access to medical facilities
  • Vehicle or travel expenses

How to Apply Online for BPSC Jobs? 

A candidate who is interested in joining a different government department through the government’s BPSC jobs platform must memorize the given information on their recruitment process. Applicants can apply by visiting their platform where they will have to fill out an online application form, which for this example we are using www.bpsc.gov.pk . Please note that you must read all instructions carefully as your application will only be considered when all fields are correctly filled out without any mistakes or typos and submitted on time .

To ensure you’re in the running for this position, please send in a complete list of the required documents with your resume/application before applying today. The application which doesn’t include all of the necessary items will be automatically rejected. Please note that only candidates taking part in an interview will receive confirmation about the declaration about their selection. Funding for this opportunity is only available to the most qualified applicants who pass our initial screening processes and eligibility checks. The final selection process will take into account merit only – so play to your strengths and give it your all!

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