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ECP Jobs 2022 – Election Commission of Pakistan Advertisement

If you’ve had the same job for a long time and are in search of something new and fulfilling can apply for (ECP) Election Commission Jobs. The organization is looking for hard working individuals because they know that human capital is the backbone to the success of any organization. Since there is a dire need for talented individuals, it is best to apply early on so as not to miss out on this opportunity. Candidates must be honest, loyal, reliable, and possess great communication skills.

People who are from all around Pakistan and abroad are welcome to send in their originally filled application form and they can easily apply online through our job portal page. Those who are interested in applying for the positions listed by them through advertisements in newspapers and also on electronic media can read about their criteria of recruitment down at the end of this page.

Election Commission Pakistan Jobs – Latest Advertisement 2022

ECP Jobs

Election Commission of Pakistan Organization

The Election Commission of Pakistan is in charge of organizing, conducting and supervising the general elections in Pakistan. It also facilitates registered political parties to work according to the democratic principles. Every four years, they are responsible for ensuring that there are fair elections during which every Pakistani adult has a right to exercise their vote. The Elections Commission of Pakistan was established on the 23rd March in 1956.

The Commission also works with the Federal Government to preserve a democratic system by upholding three main things: the preparation of electoral polls and delimitation of constituencies, making sure that the elections are taken in accordance with the Constitution and its original rules and laws, as well as making sure everything is carried out fairly with no corrupt practices involved.

Vacancy List (Update)

  • Assistant to the Subordinate
  • Administrator
  • Secretariat
  • System Deputy Director
  • Electoral Officer
  • Landscaper
  • Mali
  • Naib Qasid
  • Observer
  • Operator for data entry
  • Assisted
  • Officer of Elections
  • Worker entering data
  • Driving
  • Observer
  • Assistants
  • An Excise Officer

Benefits and Salaries at ECP Jobs

ECP Jobs offers many benefits regarding their work life balance. They want to create a team where all of their employees are comfortable and have time to explore things that they are passionate about in addition to doing the tasks which they have been given. The company also has set up many events and meetings so that professional growth is achieved. They also want to keep a continuous communication between all the employees as well as mentors by having daily huddles, weekly meetings, monthly big meetings and even quarterly events for the team. ECP Jobs believes in promoting everyone throughout their organization rather than just working for new starters only.

  • Professionalism
  • Accommodations
  • Expenses for travel
  • Taking a trip abroad
  • Facilities for medical care
  • Disciplinary measures
  • Welfare of employees
  • Rules are being relaxed

How to Apply Online for Election Commission of Pakistan Jobs? 

Those applying for the Election Commission of Pakistan Government Jobs should be able to read and understand the listing of the criteria that one must abide by in order to submit an application. The first thing that every candidate must take care of is creating a profile by using their name, contact number, and email and you can do this by visiting the official website of Once there, click on ‘download’ in order to gain access to the online application form which makes it a lot easier than mailing your paper application directly.

Fill out this form with your qualifications and then search for the job position that you would like to apply for. You will submit the duly filled application along with the paid challan on the given address, and their recruitment team will tell you about the testing date. Only after passing these tests, candidates can expect an interview invitation which could vary in difficulty, so be prepared!

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