FESCO Jobs 2022 – Faisalabad Electric Supply Company

Jobs seekers seeking opportunities at the power supply company can apply for FESCO Jobs for positions within many different departments. FESCO is looking for hardworking, efficient, and competent individuals to recruit because they want to fulfill their workplace of creative minds and dynamic thinkers. This is a great opportunity for people who are looking to make a positive impact on their careers through ethical practices while working within a supportive community that values career progression as well as personal growth.

The company also has a Training Department where the best professional instructors train the fresh graduates, so new applicants are welcome to apply. They post their job openings along with detailed information through advertisements in esteemed print media as well as on social websites. Jobs that are available can be seen below and those who want to apply will be called for an interview after applying for it within a few days of applying. For the latest updates about their job opening, please remain connected with us.

FESCO Jobs – Latest Advertisement 2022 (Apply Online)


Faisalabad Electric Supply Company Organization

FESCO is the short form for Faisalabad Electric Supply Company, that being Faisalabad based power supply company. The company was established in 1998 and generates electricity through water. The main aim of the organization is to provide electricity facilities to more than 4 million customers within its service territory, serving a generation capacity of nearly 1,000 MW with an overall length of 441 KM transmission lines and a 696 KM distribution network.

They are licensed to distribute electricity as per the Distribution License issued by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) under the terms of the Act of 1997 for Generation, Transmission, and distribution of electric power. FESCO has proved itself to be the best supplier of electricity in Pakistan because of the little loss in power during transportation along with its large revenue from electricity bills collected from their service area which is Faisalabad, a city known as “The Manchester of Pakistan” because of its significant textile industry

Vacancies listed (updated)

  • Associate Engineer, I & C
  • Analysis
  • Trainee in management
  • Develop SAP ABAP applications
  • Deputy Manager
  • Engineer-in-charge assistant
  • Instrument and Control Engineer
  • Trainee engineer
  • Managerial Trainee
  • Analyst, IT
  • Internship
  • Technical Consultant
  • General Manager’s Deputy

Benefits and Salaries at FESCO Jobs

A FESCO job grants you all the joys of life. They do not only grant knowledge to grow but also provide you with great benefits so that you fall in love with your job. You will not only get basic facilities like a good salary package and a great environment, but they also give you multiple incentives that give you the best time. These are just a few things they have done for their employees, below is a list of some additional perks that they have provided to them.

  • Meetings with trainers
  • Environment conducive to learning
  • Quality management based on knowledge
  • Team members who are knowledgeable and helpful
  • A chance to advance
  • Security in the workplace

How to Apply Online for FESCO Jobs?

Job Seekers should be familiar with the FESCO Jobs application process and review all terms before submitting a profile. Candidates can fill in their qualifications by creating a FESCO Job Seekers account on the official site, www.fesco.com.pk directly by clicking the button labeled “Apply Here” located at the bottom of the page they are visiting. Understandably, to create an account, candidates will have to provide personal details and then complete the registration process by filling out an online form that gathers information about certificates awarded to them as well as their proof of education.

The company will give you a chance to tell them about your expectations, requirements, credentials, experience, and accomplishments through a cover letter that you can attach with the form. Submit your application before the deadline because they will not entertain late submissions. Their recruiters will screen all of the forms before moving forward and only shortlisted applicants will be asked to come in for a test. An interview session will be organized after the results are available and selected applicants will appear for it.

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