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HESCO is a company committed to saving the planet. We have various HESCO Jobs openings available in our Hyderabad Office, where we are looking for individuals who have fresh ideas and know how to use high-tech equipment! The ideal candidate should be someone that can take this company forward into its next level of success in the challenging and competitive marketplace of today’s world. If you are up for the challenge, then please apply as soon as possible!

This organization has limited hiring facilities. They primarily rely on experienced people who are already living in the HESCO district area of Matiari, Tando Alhayar, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Jamshoro etc. They post about the vacant positions they have through advertisements in famous newspapers and on social media. We collected details from their latest advertisement which we will be sharing below.

HESCO Jobs – Latest Advertisement Sindh 2022


Hyderabad Electric Supply Company Organization

Hyderabad Electric Supply Company is a power distribution organization that supplies electricity to the Province of Sindh and laboriously works towards maintaining the supply of electricity to all regions except Karachi. Now and then, we have to make sure our equipment is in good working condition so we have vehicles which carry equipment from one end of the city/province to another which allows us to maintain normal operations as regularly as possible..

The water supply in your area is regulated by WAPDA, with the organization’s roots running back to 1998. They started their operation after they got the go-ahead from NEPRA in 1998. They provide their customers with clean and safe drinking water, giving them nearly 0.9 million locals in cases where people might otherwise have to rely on other services for better cleanliness and sanitary drinking sources. Their mission and vision are to continue providing extraordinary service to its customers through the maintenance of their high technology.

Vacancies (Updated)

  • Supervising Lineman
  • Electrician
  • Electrologist
  • Director of Customer Service
  • Deputy Director of Revenue
  • Assisting Lineman
  • Directing
  • Observer 

Benefits and Salaries at HESCO Careers

It’s a philosophy at HESCO Careers that the best way to empower employees is to give them opportunities for growth. They offer their employees ample opportunities to better themselves as reliable workers and happy individuals – reaching career goals and growing with their company. At HESCO they also believe in rewarding employees who have proven themselves invaluable either by an act of meritorious service or just going out of their way to make someone’s life easier.

  • Leadership with vision
  • Professional culture that is unique
  • The opportunity to learn and develop
  • Healthcare facilities unmatched in the world
  • Managing in a supportive and helpful manner
  • The experience was amazing
  • Work-life balance

How to Apply Online for HESCO Jobs? 

Aspirants who are keen to apply for HESCO Jobs should first review the criteria and then submit an application form after ensuring that the document(s) provided during submission is/are in accordance with the desired qualification. You must visit the official site, www.hesco.gov.pk by clicking on “Apply Here” button given below and make an online profile using your user name and password, and copy down the reference number you receive from them as you’ll be needing it later on while filling out your job application form so as to avoid issues when filling out the information required. Download the prescribed application form and follow all instructions carefully while filling it out, paying close attention to all the spaces provided.

Fill out the form according to the guidelines provided on our site. Applicants need to pay the fee separately and send it along with a copy of their application to us. Soon after, we will announce the date of our test and you’ll be able to arrange a date for your interview. All candidates who rank exceptionally well in our written test will be contacted for an interview so that we can evaluate your strengths and weaknesses – remember, interviews are not always easy but studying well beforehand is always helpful!

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