Islamabad Police Jobs

Islamabad Police Jobs 2022 – ICP Jobs in Pakistan

Individuals wishing to join the Islamabad Police Department in order to protect their country and its citizens can do so by applying for Islamabad police jobs with the official recruitment team. The team is seeking candidates who will both change existing policing patterns and maintain a dynamic outlook in enforcing policies while working hard to protect their nation at any cost. Candidates interested in joining a well-organized department staffed by other dedicated individuals who are eager to help protect their country should apply for this position because exceptional benefits make it an excellent choice!

Applicants who wish to apply for the SPU, ASI, and the Constable position can do so by filling out an online application form which can be accessed through the Punjab Police Job Application Website. People who are currently living in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, or in any other city/area located within Punjab will be given preference over others (as outlined under clause 27A of the Police Order 2002). To learn about the recruitment process and all of its criteria (education required for each position), please continue reading this document below.

Islamabad Police Jobs – Latest Advertisement (Apply Online)

Islamabad Police Jobs

Capital Territory Police Organization

The Islamabad Capital Territory Police, also known as ICT Police, is a common name for the capital city’s police force that is tasked with maintaining peace and order within the capital city. The Pakistan Police was launched in 1951 during the British rule of Pakistan and eventually dissolved after gaining independence from all foreign rule during Feb 14th, Pakistan Day. Currently, there are 32 units of different forces working within its borders for the purpose of central-level security.

The most important individuals in this force, who also happen to be the actual source behind its power, are the individuals responsible for getting a group of people under one common cause. Mr. Amir Zulfiqar Khan is one such individual responsible for getting a multitude of individuals on board with his goal to improve and secure Islamabad and at the direction of the president and prime minister providing aid in safeguarding the state of not just Islamabad, but Pakistan as well.

Vacancies list (updated)

  • An officer of the law
  • Sanitarian
  • Junior Patrol Officer
  • Clerk-Junior
  • Managing Director
  • Inspections
  • Accounting assistant
  • Langri
  • Officer of Implementation
  • Accounting
  • Naib Qasid
  • Inspecting assistants
  • Thesaurus
  • ASS
  • Director of Management

Benefits and Salaries at Islamabad Police

Islamabad Police Jobs is a dream workplace for many young professionals because of their modern and healthy work environment. After hiring anyone, they provide them with the appropriate professional training to make sure that they grow and develop in an optimal way. Candidates can rest assured that by joining Islamabad Police Jobs the odds are in their favor to bring balance between their work and personal life while having the full support of their co-workers who manage to arrange various events so employees will have a chance to have fun!

  • Health and retirement benefits are great
  • Military health care is free
  • Job security and free travel
  • Personal discipline is developed
  • Leadership opportunities early in life

How to Apply Online for Islamabad Police Jobs? 

Eligible people wishing to apply for police jobs should join the Islamabad Police jobs and go through the information about how you can land a job successfully in this organization. Candidates are advised to sign up on their website (, which you can reach without any hassle by pressing the “Apply Here” button. Then a page will be opened that will ask you about your educational and previous job experience detail. You can also submit an application form with all of your demands, like that you would like to work in a specific department or at a specific place.!

Attach the photocopies of your original certificates and supporting documents to your application, and search for the job position that interests you. Send your form with all the necessary details, and do not write anything incorrect, otherwise, it will be nullified. After verification, shortlisted candidates will be contacted by a second party for an examination of sorts. The final selection of an individual will be done once medically fit through a current certificate from the medical board – good luck!

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