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Those seeking employment in the fashion industry and with experience in building relationships are needed by Khaadi careers department. Khaadi is a famous clothing store that was founded by immigrants with a long-term commitment to excellence and a stimulating work environment. This store offers long-term career opportunities. 

Pakistan is home to several successful businesses. As a result, new businesses are opening up throughout the country and creating jobs. An example of a successful business chain is Khaadi cloth. Many job opportunities are available at Khaadi Careers. Despite its success. The industry has a continuously growing market, so it offers more opportunities.

They must possess fantastic skill sets, knowledge, and abilities as well as be efficient. An employee’s performance will be optimized if a diverse and encouraging work environment is created by the manager. 

We are looking for creatively-minded individuals who can contribute to this company with their skills and experience. This organization offers employment opportunities in Karachi, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala, and other major cities in Pakistan. Through their wonderful internship programs, they also provide the option for new individuals to establish their careers.

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Khaadi Jobs

Khaadi Pakistan History

Khaadi is Pakistan’s leading fashion brand, founded in 1998 by CEO Shamoon Sultan. Fashion clothing and accessories as well as shoes, hair care, and skincare products are only available for women and children. Since the company’s inception, its products have combined conventional design aspects with a fashion-forward approach. Khaadi’s brands and designs are characterized by an ethnic approach.

Their store network features 52 locations across the country, as well as 22 stores in the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Bahrain. Pakistan’s largest store, Midriff City Center in Dubai, carries the bulk of the Pakistani store’s inventory. Khaadi stores in Pakistan, UAE, and the UK were designed by ASA from 2007 to 2017. A global perspective is being captured by blending market trends with Eastern and Western tastes. In addition to providing quality products to its clients, the company also serves its employees.

Khaadi jobs Vacancies offered

  • Specialized in Treasury
  • Merchant
  • Architect/Planner
  • Managing Digital Marketing
  • Advisor, Sales
  • Procurement Manager
  • Managing Director of Projects
  • Image Development Resources

Why Join Khaadi Careers and Internship Program

The company offers internships during the summer. Based on the information, it lasts between 6 and 8 weeks. If students are skilled at these internships, they can benefit. The company’s human resources department conducts the shortlisting process for training programs.

Graduates who are innovative and ambitious are ideal candidates for the Khaadi management trainee program. The program will be especially helpful to people looking to start their careers or present themselves in a professional manner. 

They believe that freshmen are a unique generation, with a unique set of skills, and as such, they provide a learning environment for them to grow. For new graduates to excel in their field, they need to know how to collaborate and perform well.

Khaadi Salary and Benefits

The company is proud to provide its associates with a number of incentives that are in keeping with its progressive corporate culture. Their environment fosters creative thinking and responsiveness in their employees. Their talents, know-how, and plans make all the difference to company success. Among the many benefits, here are a few:

  • Job security and stability.
  • Great management and extremely helpful.
  • Lunch and tea are free of charge.
  • Culture that demands professionalism.
  • Work-life balance.
  • Funds available for investment.
  • Bonus for performance.
  • Facilities for health care.
  • Providing transportation at no charge.
  • Time to break.
  • Pay for your leave.

How to Apply for Khaadi Jobs 2022?

Khaadi’s application requirements and recruitment conditions are important to know before applying for a job. The “Apply here” button will take you directly to their website, where you can complete your application. Be sure to update your account with your education and career accomplishments. 

Details should be verified using the documents attached. Applications that do not meet the job requirements will be rejected. You will receive an acknowledgment from their recruitment team. Your profile must meet all the qualifications for the position before a short test and interview can be scheduled. The interview will provide us with information about your professional and academic background to assess your competence.

All candidates will be considered on the basis of their qualifications. During the company’s recruitment program, it is difficult to determine the selection criteria for job openings. Those who meet the requirements may still apply. All the information for Khaadi jobs can be found in the table below.

FAQ Related to Khaadi Jobs 2022

  • How should I submit my application?

Applicants’ curriculum vitae and documents can be sent to its email address or submitted through its website by sending the organization via email. More information is available on the official Khaadi website. Consequently, you are able to mail the necessary documents and attested photos. Telephone applications are accepted.

  • Is it possible to apply for TA/DA in Khaadi Jobs?

For the interview, there is no TA/DA provided.

  • What is the process of getting an invitation for an interview / Test?

Those selected for interviews will be contacted by the organization.

  • Will my application still be accepted after the deadline?

Applications should not be submitted after the closing date.

  • Is this job open to private-sector employees?

Yes, all types of employees can easily apply for these Khaadi Jobs.

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