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KRL Jobs 2022 – Latest Jobs in Khan Research Laboratories

KRL Jobs is an employment agency that recruits for several departments in the city. Job seekers who want to get into a department where their talents and expertise would be useful and could quickly climb the ranks may apply for KRL Jobs. For those who are seeking employment in research institutions to utilize their brains and enthusiasm, this chance will be fantastic.

You will undoubtedly be startled by the number of technologies employed, and you will get to learn about them as well as their applications. They have well-equipped training centers in their company where they educate future leaders and can optimize their abilities. They’re ready to accept online applications from experienced and driven prospective employees from all across Pakistan, and they give equal chances to both male and female applicants. You may get the most recent job postings by allowing us to notify you about this firm.

KRL Jobs Opportunities in Kahuta & Across Pakistan

KRL Jobs 1

Khan Research Laboratories (KRL) Organization

The Kahuta Research Laboratory, which is located in Pakistan’s Punjab province, is one of the most significant and well-maintained research facilities that focus on supercomputing, uranium enrichment, and fluid mechanics. In 1975, Pakistan’s former President Zulfikar Ali Bhutto commissioned this facility. Dr. Hakeem was the first president of Pakistan and he approved this project and its renaming to Engineering Research Facility, in order to expand nuclear research and make Pakistan a nuclear nation.

The Khan Research Laboratory (KRL) was established in 1985, following the success of PCR-based research utilizing a drug molecule obtained from an American firm. Dr. Abdul Qadeer became involved after moving from The Netherlands to Pakistan in 1976 and the lab was renamed after him i.e., Khan Research Laboratory (KRL). The Ministry of Energy is in charge of this department, which is run by the Federal Government. It’s in the tiny North-Eastern region of Rawalpindi, in Pakistan’s Punjab province. To produce weapons-grade nuclear material and the atomic bomb, the Pakistani Military built this in secret.

Vacancies (Updated)

  • Physicist
  • Driving
  • Electrician
  • Electrical Laboratory Supervisor
  • Teacher
  • Chemist
  • Schoolteacher
  • Front desk employee
  • The scientific method
  • Biochemistry
  • Calculus

Salaries and Benefits at KRL Jobs

KRL Careers maintained a culture that encouraged their staff to learn and develop together. The importance and feedback provided by department managers encourage new and current workers to appreciate their efforts. Their staff enthusiastically participates in a variety of health and training programs for the benefit of their employees. The following are other examples of the many comprehensive advantages supplied by them:

  • An environment that challenges and supports
  • Professional and helpful coworkers
  • Achieving advancements in the relevant field
  • Work-life balance
  • Opportunities for growth and learning
  • An ethical and pleasant workplace
  • Leave for health reasons
  • Insurance coverage for health care

How to Apply Online for KRL Jobs?

KRL employers require HEC-accredited degrees to apply for positions in this organization. To submit an online application, interested individuals must first create a profile on Because they refuse to accept papers in any other manner, this is the only way to get them. Candidates should submit original information that may be verified by their documents and those who try to hide anything will be rejected by their recruiting staff.

Fill out the necessary forms and photographs, as well as your form, and make sure to follow the instructions provided step by step. If a large number of applications are anticipated against any position, applicants will be shortlisted based on their greater experience and grades. They will get in touch with you through the supplied contact number or email address for more information and scheduling of an interview.

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