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PSO Jobs 2022 – Latest Internships Opening  in Pakistan State Oil

We have exciting news for engineers who are looking to switch careers and join a well-established oil company. They may apply for PSO Jobs if they are bored with their present position. State Oil of Pakistan believes in recruiting competent people for their company, and it has posted openings for qualified and driven individuals wanting to take on greater responsibilities. They work to establish a systematic and transparent hiring procedure that eliminates prejudices by employing only qualified and competent individuals.

They not only provide an opportunity to meet people, but they also want to recruit fresh graduates for internships in order for them to have a place where they can learn new talents. For more information about the PSO management trainee program, go to the bottom of this page. Applicants who meet the requirements of the position can register with the Pakistan Testing System (PTS) to take an interview for PSO.

PSO Jobs in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad & Across Pakistan

PSO Jobs 1

PSO – Pakistan State Oil

The Pakistan State Oil (PSO) is a prominent and state-owned oil company based in Karachi, Pakistan that was formed in 1974. The firm is involved in the production, marketing, and distribution of petroleum oil and its by-products. The creation of this firm dates back to 1974 when the Government of Pakistan acquired two large firms Dawood Petroleum Oil and Pakistan National Oil and then combined them into Premier Oil Company Limited (POCL). 

Later, after two additional firms merged to form Pakistan State Oil, the firm was taken over by another oil company. The culture of the business completely altered in 2004, when it was founded. The firm has almost 3698 gasoline-filling stations in many parts of Pakistan. The public retail sector consists of 3500 outlets that are utilized by the general public, while 189 stations cater to wholesale customers. The Pakistan-based PESCO Oil & Gas Operations is the country’s leading fuel oil business.

Vacancies Available (Update)

  • Mechanic
  • Mechanisms
  • Managing Trainee
  • Chain of Supply
  • Architect
  • Marketers
  • Electronics for Industry
  • Finance & Accounting
  • The electrical system
  • Resource Management
  • Legislation

Incentives and Salaries in PSO Jobs

This PSO Careers offer is ideal for those seeking to begin a new career in the field of their interest and may also enjoy it because of the many excellent perks provided by their excellent staff. They are a wonderful family that cherishes their employees as members of the family, and they assist and support them in order for them to reach the top of the ladder quickly.They provide the following additional services:

  • Excellent employee culture
  • The slow and peaceful ambiance
  • Job security is another potential benefit.
  • Excellent compensation packages
  • Employer of a creative stimulant
  • Greatest learning opportunity.
  • Development and growth opportunities for employees are higher than ever before.
  • There is a hygienic canteen.

How to Apply Online for PSO Jobs?

Candidates who are ready to apply for PSO Jobs should consult our step-by-step instructions to learn about their application requirements. First, you need to click the “Apply Here” button that will take you to their official page Make a profile by filling out the form with your name, phone number, postal code, and email address. Once you’ve filled out all of the necessary information and submitted an application form, your application will be processed. 

Fill out the application completely, including all necessary information from your education and experience certificates. Look for jobs that pique your interest and match your qualifications. Candidates who pass the screening will be invited to take the exam. The top performers in the test will attend an interview with a panel of experienced individuals. Questions may be asked in the context of your area of expertise.

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