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Telenor Jobs 2022 – Latest Career Opportunities in Pakistan

When you’re looking for jobs specifically in the telecommunications industry, you can apply to Telenor Jobs. They are specifically looking for candidates with customer service experience and who also happen to be tech-savvy because these positions can be really intense at times! Also, they offer internship positions because they want fresh ideas from new graduates to help expand their workforce.

At Telenor, we’re looking for talented professionals to join our team. If you are interested in pursuing a career with us, check out the following positions that are currently available at our offices located in Islamabad, Faisalabad, Lahore, Karachi, Multan, and Rawalpindi!

Telenor’s Current Jobs Announcements

Telenor Jobs 1

Detailed information about Telenor Pakistan

Telenor ASA is one of the leading telecommunications organizations in Norway dating back to 1855. It boasts an international presence with hubs in the Nordic countries, the Middle East, and Asia. The company has attracted investors due to its stable infrastructure and focus on expanding its network rather than utilizing aggressive pricing campaigns. Telenor boasts 13.8 million subscribers across the globe with over 19 million resellers under their wing as well, making it an incredible force for the telecommunications business worldwide! 

In nearly four countries in the Nordic region, Telenor has been deploying fiber optic technology that makes it easy to view high-definition TV shows and movies, as well as the Internet. This company became a household name because of its advances in machine-to-machine technology and their ability to allow a business to function with success if they work together. In this way, Telenor has attracted multiple businesses from nearly 29 countries.

Vacancies Available (Updated)

  • Officer of Sales Support
  • Engineer specializing in infrastructure
  • Specialist in IT infrastructure
  • Relationships with customers
  • A spokesperson for the business
  • Officer of Activation Support
  • Designer of UX
  • Developing software
  • Analyst, Business Intelligence
  • Quality Assurance Officer
  • Area Sales Manager
  • Management of financial resources
  • Relationship Manager
  • Officer of Retail Sales
  • North Reporter
  • Accountant Manager
  • Information Security
  • Competition & Business Planning

Salaries and benefits of Telenor jobs

Telenor is an excellent platform on which professional people can show off their capabilities. People who work for Telenor are encouraged to build their bright futures and they make it happen by supporting them in learning new skills. The company values all of this because none of it would be possible without the staff working tirelessly toward these objectives! This esteemed organization invests its time and professionalism into making its associates become the best in their relevant fields, proving that everyone has the potential to do big things when they take the initiative to do so. There are many other advantages provided by this prestigious company:

  • There is no charge for clothing or food
  • Provident funds and gratuity
  • Cafeteria within the building
  • An insurance policy covering health and life
  • Allowance for subsidizing handsets and mobile devices
  • Prayer room and gym

How to Apply Online for Telenor Jobs?

Telenor Jobs candidates should be familiar with the recruitment process before beginning so they can get it all down perfectly and don’t forget any important steps. First, take care of business by creating your profile after accessing the portal regularly by regularly visiting their job page. Finding out about their jobs is also an important step. Also, take note of the age requirement to see if you are eligible or not for any available jobs.

Then click the button “Apply Online” to begin your application with us. The hiring team is really looking forward to getting to know you, so they will give you a call quickly to schedule the next step in the process. They can interview you either on Skype, face-to-face, or over the phone. When that’s done, they’ll send your application for review by their Highly Skilled Recruitment Team. After reviewing all of the details and background information attached to your application, they may offer you an opportunity to join them! We hope this knowledge helps catapult your career in Telenor! Good luck with everything!

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