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Zong Careers 2021 – Latest Call Center Jobs in Zong Pakistan

If you’re a university, college, high school, or graduate looking for flexible part-time work through your studies, Zong Careers offers a range of opportunities to get you up and running. From customer service rep roles answering our helpline or taking orders from our Sales Partners via Zong Express to working in support of existing businesses who need help with their back-office processes such as management information systems – if you’re motivated and keen to take on new challenges head-on, we have three internship programs that allow individuals to put their best foot forward from day one. 

Companies are always looking for candidates in all provinces of Pakistan. They are hiring both full-time and part-time candidates in different fields of working which you can find below. Candidates can apply to jobs that are managed by their Human Resource Department. IT, Finance, Sales & Marketing are the top vacancies hired by these jobs. Application forms are available at leading job sites, in daily newspapers, and on social media through famous companies. The employer offers official vacancies through our job sites which go directly to interested candidates who meet eligibility criteria set out by the company listed here. You can also apply through our site as we have specified some easy steps for you to submit your form, which you will see below.

Job Vacancies Announced by Zong Careers

zong careers

Zong Organization

Zong 4G is the brand name for CMPak Limited which is owned by CM Telecom Holding. CM Telecom Holding owns 73.8% of CMPak Limited, based out of Hong Kong. This company operates as a subsidiary of China Mobile Mobile, which is a mobile data network operating in Pakistan. It’s important to know that this brand name was licensed back in 2008 after having only acquired 2% shares out of the market share set by Millicom at first. They are now coming up on twenty times that, with nearly 34 million subscribers throughout the country being their second largest provider!

Zong has been around for a while now and people have started to favor them as well. This is because they offer convenient, cheap, and functional services. We can see that the latest few years have been the best for Zong Mobile because their business has tripled and they’ve become a well-known mobile network in the country. This boost in business is all thanks to their great quality products and trained employees who help provide these services. They use 2G, 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE technologies to give Pakistanis what they need!

Latest Vacancies (Updated)

  • Assurance of quality
  • Management of CS Configuration
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Accounting
  • Expertise in Power
  • A security expert
  • Executive in Information Technology
  • Recruiting Engineers
  • Officer of Human Resources
  • Engineer on the ground
  • Manager of Finance
  • Manager of Enterprise Development
  • Salesman
  • Supervisor of Stores
  • Manager of Relationships

Salaries and Benefits for Zong jobs

Zong Jobs helps you achieve a happy and successful life by offering a healthy balance between work and personal time. They focus on human capital as they know it plays a strong role in the performance of the company due to the contributions of those who work so hard every day. Therefore, Zong Jobs wants to offer their associates lifelong opportunities as well as job advantages that will help them advance in their respective fields. Here are some of those advantages:

  • An atmosphere of helpfulness and productivity at work
  • A great team of employees
  • We will have tea and lunch breaks
  • The environment should be healthy and supportive
  • Taking care of your appearance
  • Mobile network that is free
  • Unlocked cell phones for free
  • Transportation budgets

Announcing the 2021 Graduate Trainee Programme at Zong

Zong is a revolutionary firm that is helping people all over the world from rural areas to urban centers connect with one another in a way they couldn’t before. They are providing a lifetime of opportunities for companies and employees alike by proving lines of communication between everyone around the world – irrespective of social class, professional specialism, or other criteria. We at Zong take great pride in being able to provide such an invaluable service.

The GTO program was designed to help individuals hone their disciplines. They support people looking to do great things and become great people, driving them to new heights both personally and professionally. As the company looks for potential team members, they evaluate how you will perform on specific characteristics – like communication skills, teamwork, leadership qualities, etc. – so keep this in mind as you’re deciding how best to present yourself throughout your application process!

How to Apply Online for Zong Careers?

Those who are eager to browse Zong jobs should follow the necessary, relatively flexible application process where they can find various job vacancies. Click the Apply Here button to reach their official page and create an account by your name where you can apply for openings for different positions that may be advertised. A form will be available for candidates after this step of the recruitment process is complete.

We will request some information about your professional qualifications, work experience, achievements if any, and your requirements. Our hiring team would be doing the rounds to know more about you. If you book an interview with us after submitting the required information, they will call you to ask you something based on your profile so as to assess the caliber of candidates that apply for our jobs. If you are selected, they will present you with an offer letter. Thanks for reading.

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