MEPCO Jobs 2022 – Multan Electric Power Company (Online Apply)

Applicants expectantly waiting for MEPCO jobs can apply for positions in an electricity supply organization. The company organizes and designs multiple challenging career opportunities that are meant to help employees improve their professional as well as skillsets and capabilities in a workplace setting. If you’re looking for job opportunities, this could be an excellent place to start! These staff members gain promotion through numerous stages like completing projects successfully, getting the right education, presenting insightful ideas, and working hard consistently. Each individual is encouraged to work more efficiently together with each other while also building productive relationships with their fellow team members.

Our company aims to help those who are interested in creative fields but aren’t sure what they may be good at. Applicants will be given a chance to broaden their horizons and expand their knowledge so that they can achieve greatness among successful makers of tomorrow. To find out more about the available vacancies and comprehensive information on the application procedure, we advise interested parties to refer to the advertisement listed online and in major newspapers as well as discover this information by visiting our job page.

MEPCO Jobs – Careers Opportunities in Multan


Multan Electric Power Company Organization

Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) is a widely recognized, fully disciplined utility service provider in Pakistan. In business since 1998, they are known for their use of renewable energy as most of what they do is harness the power of water and distribute it throughout their network. MEPCO provides a number of services to more than 34 million customers, including supplying them with hydroelectricity from a variety of sources: Guddu Barrage on the Indus River and from Nangli Gaon through The Kachhi Canal System and Umbria Branch Canal located in South Punjab. For those that are curious about their rates, you can find them here.

In order to improve the quality of life for a significant part of its citizens, Multan’s jurisdiction has a power department (insanely awesome and pretty much the best in all of Pakistan) that acquired all the properties and liabilities associated with an old electricity company that was distributing energy. This incredible department is primarily responsible for providing high-quality electricity to large parts of southern Pakistan and sometimes their clientele even includes neighboring countries as well! Their stated goal is to provide customers with safe and cost-effective electricity 24 hours per day throughout the year. Our commitment will be to ensure the safe availability of quality power and energy in areas potentially outside our jurisdiction through our partners.

Vacancies (Updated)

  • Supervisor of Electricity
  • EDP for officers
  • Mechanic
  • Incharge of the shift
  • Human Resources Officer
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Electrician
  • Assistant Production Manager

Benefits and Salaries at MEPCO

At MEPCO, each of our associates is treated like family. We donate a lot of time to the community and believe in giving back. We also strive to make a difference in people’s lives by enabling them to make a change for themselves. For example, we offer market competitive pay scales and provide comprehensive benefits through our FLP that provides flexibility as well as personal savings for retirement or other specific objectives:

  • This is a fast-paced environment that offers challenges.
  • Job opportunities and equal opportunities.
  • Interactions took place between people of different nationalities.
  • A culture of excellence and kindness at work.
  • A firm that values its employees.
  • A productive and learning environment.
  • Longer break time.
  • Unpaid long vacations and paid time off.

How to Apply Online for MEPCO Jobs?

Individuals looking to fill positions in MEPCO can access the guide posted below, as it contains all of the essential details and instructions for submitting a successful job application. Remain compliant with the guidelines provided and become a part of this fantastic organization. For jobs within MEPCO, applicants must first click on the link to visit the company’s main employment page at

Review each essential job function and job requirement. Click the “Apply Here” button to open your application form online. To complete filling out your application you need to provide information from your qualification and experience credentials in a box at the end of this activity. You can attach a cover letter attesting to any achievements that you might want to further highlight but are not listed on your resume. Applicants will be contacted if they prove to be the perfect fit for this role.

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