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Skilled and capable individuals who are interested in applying for the Ministry of Science and Technology Jobs (MOSAT) can do so by visiting their website. This public organization serves as an entity that brings together experts from across Pakistan in order to research, develop and implement progressive methods related specifically when it comes to science and technology for the benefit of Pakistan’s citizens.

As the government department is everything about security, integrity, and high health care standards. So, potential employees will be treated with the highest level of respect, and those who work in this field will live in a very nice environment and have peace of mind regarding their jobs as long as they commit themselves to the workplace. To get an initial idea of the type of person they are looking for maybe a good idea to browse through some successful candidates’ resumes on our page or in the research section provided under any advertisement portal.

Ministry of Science and Technology Jobs – Apply Online in Pakistan

Ministry of Science and Technology Jobs

Ministry of Science and Technology Organization

As one of Pakistan’s five Cabinet-level ministries, the Ministry of Science and Technology is a modern, prestigious institution. Focused on developing scientific research and innovations to support economic growth in Pakistan, the Ministry of Science and Technology was first developed by Pakistani President, Ayub Khan in 1964 under the name “Scientific and Technological Research Division” before it was governmentally recognized by Ali Bhutto as MOST in 1972, established as a separate entity with an aim towards foreign collaboration, technological advancement programs, commercialization of technology and maximum benefits for industry related to science/technology that finds its use among citizens as well.

The Ministry of Science and Technology of Pakistan manages the governmental activities related to the development of sciences and technology in the fields of biotechnology, computer science, nuclear energy, etc. The current Director is Mr. Chaudhry Fawad Hussain. This department operates with a number of subdivisions whose main responsibility is to develop market-based technology for sustainability. Some projects being managed under this department include: improving research coverage for sustainable industrial production, and ensuring that all citizens have access to specialized courses and programs at both secondary and tertiary institutions across the country.

Vacancies list (updated)

  • Assistant
  • Technical Assistant
  • Guards
  • Operators of tractors
  • Operator of a tunneling machine
  • Work as a field assistant
  • Operators of pumps
  • Assisting with research
  • Operation of excavators
  • Director-General Assistant Hydrogeologist
  • Engineer, Subcontractor
  • Operation of backhoes
  • Deputy Director
  • Technologist
  • Assistant in the field
  • Chowkidar
  • Driving

Salaries and benefits at MOST Jobs

MOST Jobs has a strong commitment to diversity in the workplace. With many candidates from varied backgrounds, the organization is able to offer a unique perspective. MOST believes that it is vital for individuals and teams to be empowered in their work, whether it’s through providing support or allowing them to follow their passions, as this enables people to be at their best. The team at MOST is dedicated to giving back and supporting each individual in his or her unique goals outside of work too so that they can remain focused on work during their working hours.

  • Workplaces with fun and productivity
  • Excellent experience in the market
  • An understanding of modern technology
  • An environment of safety and support
  • Allowance for residents
  • Transport facilities
  • Leaves for health reasons
  • Insuring your health
  • Lunch is provided for free

How to Apply Online for the Ministry of Science and Technology Jobs? 

Ministry of Science and Technology jobs are always limited. But there will be soon some openings in their field. As per the most recent job opportunity, they are looking for candidates who hold a Degree or Master’s Degree in relevant fields (relevant fields mentioned below). The first step is to create an account on their official website because only having an account there will get you the chance to upload your form. You need to apply for these jobs applying for it at their page as applications received on any alternate means will be dismissed as undesired.

Things you will need to submit your online application include educational certificates and previous employment records. Candidates are selected based on merit, so only applicants whose applications meet the requirements will be able to move forward in the process and schedule an interview with whoever reviews your application. We wish you all the best with your job hunt!

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