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For those who are seeking some more advanced career opportunities in the engineering field and wish to show off their intellectual capabilities, may we suggest applying for OGDCL Jobs. It is a very reputed oil and gas company that seeks individuals who are efficient, devoted workers and hardworking. They offer both full-time and part-time employment opportunities via advertisements posted online in several newspapers, hence anyone can apply regardless of whether they have a background in the industry or not.

They also have multiple internship programs for students who have graduated from their university. The internship programs will be focused on giving individuals experience related to the usage of technology in business and other aspects of daily life. Students who show promise in the program may be considered for a full-time position offer should they meet the criteria required by the company.

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Oil & Gas Development Company Organization

OGDCL is situated in Pakistan and was established on the 4th of April, 1961. The organization is headquartered in Islamabad, Pakistan. It was then changed into a Public Company on the 23rd of October 1997 and it started being listed in the Pakistan Stock exchange and London Stock Exchange.

The Pakistani government owns 74% of shares in this firm whose services it provides include exploring, refining, storing and selling oil to different companies. Even though Pakistan has the majority stake in the organization’s proceeds, the firm continues to branch out and reach new heights with each year that passes! It is clearly one of the largest firms in Pakistan and also one of Pakistan’s most trusted allies through market capitalization and its ascension into Forbes’s Global 2000 list year after year. The company works to continuously meet their customers needs while also reaching new lows across the globe!

Vacancy List (Update)

  • Managing Logistics
  • Officer of the Survey
  • Geologist
  • Auditor internal
  • Mechanic
  • Mechanic
  • Operator of vibratory equipment
  • Geophysicist
  • Geoscientist
  • Director of Materials
  • Officer of Safety

Salaries and Benefits at OGDCL Jobs

OGDCL is very generous in providing full-time and part-time employees with multiple benefits including a comfortable working environment as well as various training sessions to help them maximize their work. This way, both parties can rest inconspicuously knowing that the job is being taken care of by capable individuals. Because the company wants to keep its employees interested, it clearly recognizes that there is strength in numbers – especially when you consider what it means to act in tandem together towards a common goal.

  • Travel and food allowances are fully paid
  • Creating an environment of encouragement and helpfulness
  • Several months before advancement
  • A professional development program
  • Equipment of the highest technology
  • Pensions and retirement plans
  • Health insurance

How to Apply Online for OGDCL Jobs? 

If you’re considering to apply for OGDCL Jobs, then you should proceed with the application procedure by making sure you meet all of their eligibility criteria. Once the pre-requisites have been met, you may proceed with applying for the job by visiting their official website www.ogdcl.com and find the online form which can be downloaded directly from their website; consult the “Apply Here” link as shown above to get started.

Carefully fill all the boxes with relevant and genuine information, and then send the form along with all of your credentials to the given address. They hire both male and female candidates if they meet the specific job criteria for recruitment. An assessment will be taken but only of shortlisted candidates – those who present themselves most effectively in the interview process. Permanent work can be reserved, however, with satisfactory performance on a contract basis. Good luck on your job hunt!

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