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Job seekers who are currently looking for highly competitive PAEC Jobs should consider applying with the professional recruitment team at the world famous atomic energy organization. One might wonder if they can handle the job, but you’d be surprised how well they know their stuff and how creative they are — as long as they have someone in there corner helping them to step out of their comfort zone occasionally. All kinds of people could send in a resume, but what really matters is that you’re enthusiastic about helping them reach success.

Applicants can apply for a variety of jobs through our website. Our personnel department regularly posts available vacancies to our profile and if you want to stay in the pipeline, you can permit us to dispatch messages. If you are interested in learning more about the application process at this company and the list of positions currently being offered by this firm, please read on below.

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Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Organization

PAEC is the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, which is a government owned and operated organization whose prime responsibility is the development of peaceful nuclear programs near Islamabad. PAEC was formed on January 1, 1956 with the formation of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. The goals of PAEC were to promote practical usage of safe nuclear infrastructure. They would also promote education in nuclear science, and learn ways to conserve energy by developing efficient power sources that create smaller carbon footprints which are beneficial for their economy and friendly to the environment as well.

They are working to strengthen the Pakistani base by establishing different institutions whose main focus will be decreasing inflation rate by food irradiation and to increase the medicines to cure cancer and other major diseases by radiation therapy. One of their primary objectives is also to organize different meetings, conferences, and seminars that will allow them to connect with local colleges and universities in order for them to influence the youth. As an added value, CERN is one of their sponsors.

Vacancies (Updated)

  • Cooking
  • Mechanic
  • Pharmacy
  • Physicist
  • Operation of computers
  • Technologist
  • Doctor of oncology
  • Operators of data entry systems
  • Driving
  • Deputy Manager
  • Researcher
  • Accountant
  • Mechanics
  • Physicians

Benefits and Salaries at PAEC Careers

PAEC careers offers great benefits to its employees. Not only does PAEC’s work environment and payroll appeal to potential employees but it also goes above and beyond by providing additional benefits in relation to the health of the employee. For example, PAEC gives the employee a complete health care plan for free so that they can be healthy and productive at work. 

Furthermore, PAEC offers incentives to their employees which are extremely appreciated by all involved as it makes them feel valued in their position. These incentives include reviews by supervisors and employers as well as support during holidays, birthdays, vacations and various other social events or gatherings. 

Other perks offered by PAEC include tuition programs for both undergraduate & graduate degrees at different accredited universities in Pakistan; a maternity leave policy; vacation housing; and long term (permanent) contracts who such perks are very helpful in each stage of an employee’s life cycle.

  • Insurance for accidents and disabilities
  • Developing skills
  • The food allowance and the housing allowance
  • Challenges in the workplace
  • Medications
  • Security of employment

How to Apply Online for PAEC Jobs? 

Interested applicants can apply for vacancies at PAEC by following the criteria laid out by Pakistani government. You can press the Apply Now button to reach the page where you will be asked to register( Follow the form to fill details related directly with your profile. If you are new, they will ask you to create an account first and then fill these details in their required fields. Important : Applicants are advised to carefully read the job description because if applicants will find anyone ineligible then their application will be rejected. People who will fulfill the requirements will be shortlisted for further process.

In case of required qualification, we will consider experience. Otherwise, you may submit a fresh application and your CNIC number will be sent to you after the submission of your application. You can see the status of your form and test date by logging in to your profile. You will have an interview with us if you are selected.

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