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People who are thinking of leaving their previous jobs to find some employment with a highly competitive organization like the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council have the great fortune of being able to apply for PARC Jobs. This top-tier recruitment agency is searching the market for the best of the best in terms of employees and candidates so that they can be immersing in an atmosphere that’s brimming with potential and possibility. This company only wants to hire those who light up in their previous work, have a passion for success, and are willing to take on challenges because this perks them up and makes them stand out from the crowd.

They take being an equal opportunity employer very seriously, and they always make sure to include candidates of both genders who are passionate and motivated in the growth of their company. They’re looking at hiring someone talented, but having a passion for their product is an absolute must! The best way to apply is through newspaper ads that they’ve taken out, which we think is a great way to reach a large audience with critical information since the masses have already shown us that they’re eager for knowledge on how to grow as people.

PARC Jobs in Islamabad – Latest Advertisement 2022


Pakistan Agricultural Research Council Organization

PARC is short for the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, which serves as a national body focused on agricultural research. PARC’s mission is to identify and provide scientific solutions to the government departments responsible for agriculture. The council provides support and coordination to the various agricultural research organizations spread throughout the country and works hard to find ways to ensure the progress of this field by looking at new avenues of expansion throughout this sector. In order to help meet these goals, PARC strives to share information with its customers about its services. 

They run various projects regarding agriculture, and we’d like to share a few of them with you. The project that we find most impactful is their “Kitchen Gardening” program in which they have provided members of the social community with material and technical support. This has led to classes being held in which the students learn how to grow different kinds of products in their own home gardens so that they’re not as reliant on middlemen or large supermarkets when buying food. Not only does this benefit the poor who can spend less money, but also supports local farmers who previously wouldn’t have been able to reach out to these communities.

Vacancies (Updated)

  • Assistant for computers
  • Naib Qasid
  • Administrator
  • Driving
  • Assistants
  • Work as an office assistant
  • Upper Division Clerk UDC
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Work as a field assistant
  • Driver HTV
  • Physicist
  • Vehicle Driver
  • Laboratories
  • Language Development Center
  • Auxiliary Accountant
  • Director of Projects

Benefits and Salaries at PARC Jobs

Jobs motivate you to become a leader of the future and help you create a comfortable life for yourself and your family. Their philosophy is that mentorships are vital to success in their industry. They want associates to have hands-on experience, so they encourage learning and growing through mentoring. Employees associated with the business with its peaceful environment, which has been proven performatively effective for over 20 years. Prepared as an overview of additional facilities; as follows:

  • Amazing management
  • Providing employees with training
  • Pay package that’s great
  • Incentives
  • Facility for transportation
  • Payed holidays
  • Paid long leaves but unpaid
  • Assistance in the workplace

How to Apply Online for PARC Jobs?

Those who are interested in applying for PARC Jobs then they should learn about their application criteria, which is necessary for the recruitment process. You need to create a profile on their page so that your information can be saved in their database. If there will have a new opening that will match your profile, then you will be allowed to apply again later on. The profile can be made after the registration process and you can update it with time. After the closing date, they will sort out the forms and then the verification process will begin, which may take 2 weeks to settle down depending on how selective PARC is.

Candidates who will clear this procedure will get the chance to take part in the interview. They will contact you through the email address or phone number that you have provided for helping schedule an interview date and your availability. Make sure to let them know how to reach you ahead of time so their inquiries don’t delay your ability to respond when it comes to a critical offer like this one!

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