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In order to serve as a judge in the Peshawar High Court, one needs a strong legal background as well as the proper educational credentials. However, sometimes starting at the bottom can lead to great things! If you’re interested in a career with the Peshawar High Court Jobs but don’t have a law degree or even if you do and want some tips on how to improve your chances of being considered for a position there then keep on reading.

Please continue to be bold and courageous in this time of uncertainty, and seek out the challenges that require such qualities so your homeland will not crumble! Those of you seeking hard work and growth, we welcome you with open arms. For any position available currently consider this department. You can get the latest updates and news about this particular department by subscribing to our page!

Current Job Openings at Peshawar High Court

SHC Jobs 2 1

Peshawar High Court History

The Peshawar High Court is one of the most prestigious judicial institutions serving the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Located in Peshawar, the province’s largest city, it encompasses the province on an Allocation court throughout northwestern Pakistan. During the late 19th century, during British rule in India (which lasted until 1947), Lord Curzon proposed the idea of creating a Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP). He wanted to separate Khyber Pakhtunkhwa from Punjab and make it into its own territory. Emperor George V actually made this territory official on November 9th, 1901.

To enforce the laws and regulations of this province, a judicial commissioner was appointed to take charge of judicial affairs. An appeal was made at the time to create a judiciary institution in order to help regulate legal affairs within this province. As a result, Peshawar High Court was established. The department is led by the Chief Justice.

Vacancies Available (Updated)

  • Judge of District Court
  • Statistician
  • Bureaucrat
  • Developer
  • Supervise CCTV
  • Court
  • Telephonist
  • Deputy District Judge
  • The session judge
  • Qazi Izafi Zilla
  • Judicial Assistant

Salaries and Benefits at Peshawar High Court

As a prospective worker at the Peshawar High Court, one will get to enjoy not only fascinating benefits but also different opportunities and a platform to show your leadership skills. Workers here feel motivated and empowered because of the belief that this department has in their staff. A list of multiple facilities is provided below:

  • Health insurance plans
  • Participation and improvement of the community
  • Medical benefits are provided to blood relatives
  • Peaceful and supportive environment
  • Work-life balance is essential
  • The staff was helpful and cooperative
  • An opportunity for advancement
  • During lunch break, there is a meal provided

How to Apply Online for Peshawar High Court Jobs?

If you’re interested in applying for Peshawar High Court Jobs, then we suggest that you start your application process by heading to its main careers page ( On this page, you will find a list of positions available in the department. To get started, you should make a profile for yourself by introducing your personal details like name and contact information (e-mail ID and phone number).

Now you must fill the field application form to further the process. You will need information on related qualifications, achievements, previous work experience, and extra-curricular activities. In this way, your details will be saved in their database and you will not put the same information again some other time. Use the keyword provided in the job description in order to search for jobs on [name of job posting source] that suit your area immediately! Your next step is to take a look at each post and look out for one in particular so that you can become a part of a company in a desirable position. Soon enough, someone from their HR department will be contacting you to find out more so they can decide if you’re the right fit!

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