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Candidates who are looking to advance their careers and find success at faster paces than they could with other companies in the Postal industry should check out PNSC Jobs listings posted on our site. We see the potential in every candidate that calls our landlines. If you work here, you’ll discover that we offer a professional environment with stimulating working conditions, and plenty of opportunities for self-improvement and growth.

You can work alongside experienced mentors who have been in your position at one point or another. While on their radars, you can learn a lot about being successful and make the most of the time you spend working closely with these important figures. Aspiring for something? Jobs are posted through advertisements featured in different famous newspapers and sometimes even on websites featuring employment opportunities (like indeed ). Lastly, search through everything that we offer to you in this page exclusively dedicated to “How To” on how to apply online forms so you’re set-up when you need to be in the right place at the right time.

PNSC Jobs 2022 – Latest Jobs in Karachi Pakistan


Pakistan National Shipping Corporation Organization

The Pakistan National Shipping Corporation is the official shipping company owned by the Pakistani government. It operates under the administration of the Federal Maritime Secretary and works from its head office in Karachi. The corporation employs several agents internationally to handle sea freight for clients looking for shipping services; this is all done under the close supervision of PNSC Headquarters.

Formed in the wake of Pakistan’s separation from India, The Pakistan Merchant Navy Corporation (PNSC) is a government-owned corporation tasked with the shipping needs of Pakistan. It is controlled by a Chairman whose appointment is approved by the Government and if you look at the current chairman ·Shakeel Ahmed Mangnejo·, he was appointed in 2003 as an officer of the Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS) and prior to that he had been working as a Divisional Commissioner initially but also held other leadership positions at different times.

Vacancies (Updated)

  • Managing Tanker
  • Managing Director, Business Development
  • Vice-President of Taxation
  • Commercial Operations Manager
  • Admiral of the Fleet
  • Finance Deputy Manager
  • Vice President, Insurance & Claims
  • Vice-President
  • Engineer in charge
  • Chief Engineer Tanker
  • Mechanic
  • Claims & Ins Ins Manager
  • MR&S General Manager

Benefits and Salaries at PNSC Jobs

People who are willing to start their career by working with PNSC Jobs will be offered multiple incredible benefits to facilitate a healthy working environment and promote the well-being of the employees. They give out exceptional perks that function as a medical welfare plan for the future. This is just one example of what makes Life at PNSC Jobs an amazing experience:

  • Life, dental, and vision insurance.
  • Work hours that are flexible.
  • Medical facilities that are unlimited.
  • Cooperation and helpfulness from coworkers.
  • An environment that is supportive and healthy.
  • Advancement opportunities.
  • Vacations and holidays that are paid.

How to Apply Online for PNSC Jobs?

People who are aspiring to become a part of Pakistan National Shipping Corporation(PNSC) Jobs must first look at this document we have carefully prepared for people who are new to the company. These instructions will guide you through the hiring process and divide it into a few steps, which you can follow as you start your search for your ideal position in PNSC and apply online through their official website

Before you register with any company, do your research and make sure the position(s) you wish to apply for is one that is compatible with your skills or desires. You can then fill in the relevant information requested on the application form and submit it to be reviewed by an appropriate panel. If they like what they see and are interested in talking with you further, they will call you in for an interview or meeting where they can get a sense of whether or not it is the right time and position for both parties.

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