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POL Jobs 2022 – Pakistan Oilfields Limited (Apply Online)

Pakistan Oilfields Limited is a civilized organization where the employees are granted promotions and bonuses according to their skills and capabilities. Pakistan Oilfields Limited jobs offers excellent career opportunities to the ones willing to join its team from different classes at different levels. It is proud of its sales representatives, marketing executives, accountants and management trainees which makes it a formidable place to work in.

If you’re dreaming of opportunity and advancement, the Pakistan Ordnance Factories is where you want to be. POL jobs currently seeking professionals with top-notch credentials for their world-renowned brand. Ideal applicants will possess a nationwide presence, so no matter where in Pakistan you reside, they will work with you to find the right opportunity! The best part is that you don’t even need to leave your current job in order to go through the recruitment process – all they ask is that you apply online.

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POL Jobs

Pakistan Oilfields Limited Organization

Pakistan Oilfields Limited is a pol based oil and gas exploration, production, and refinery company located in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The company was formed on 25 November 1950 and worked under the UK Based oil refinery Attock Oil Company. However, due to take over of all controls by Pakistan Oilfields Limited during 1955 FY and then started operating independently during 1978. It deals with number of products as lubricants, petrochemicals products like liquefied natural gas, kerosene and also operates real estate business along with above-mentioned industries.

The company’s aim is to work towards creating a positive impact in the areas of exploration, extraction, refining, and the distribution and sale of natural gas and crude oil through exceptional performances. Apart from drilling, Pol (with subsidiary CAPGAS) synthesizes LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), sulphur for industrial purposes and Solvent Oil for applications like solvent based drying processes in textile industries. The organization even works on the development and manufacture of high-tensile pipeline structures that deliver crude oil from wells to Attock Refinery Limited.

Vacancy List (Update)

  • Engineer, Health and Safety
  • Secretariat
  • Engineer specializing in instruments
  • An engineer who maintains equipment
  • Deputy Chief of Staff
  • An engineer specializing in drilling
  • Officer of the health department
  • Staff Nurses
  • Staff on the ground
  • Exploratory
  • Engineer specializing in boilers

Salaries and Benefits at POL Jobs

POL Careers is proud of the way that it looks after its people. They provide many opportunities to their employees and take care of their families too so that they can give more of themselves and their energy when they’re at work. The employees are evaluated regularly by managers who offer feedback and performance bonuses which help to keep both employees and employers motivated because they love what they do. The list of perks below is just a small selection of what POL Careers has to offer:

  • Extensive experience and versatility
  • Co-workers who know their stuff
  • You can stay and eat for free
  • Medical services are provided free of charge
  • Leaves of absence
  • Unpaid long-term leave
  • Under the supervision of professionals

How to Apply Online for POL Jobs?

Candidates from all over Pakistan can apply for POL Jobs, but they are advised to fulfill the eligibility criteria. You may apply online via our website and you’re suggested to follow the same pattern of submission that we list because these details are rather important to them for the purpose of their hiring procedure. The first step of their application process is to create a profile by submitting your personal information in this section here on the website(www.pakoil.com.pk).

In order to apply for a job you first have to search for appropriate jobs via the company’s website. When you apply the company give you an application form that must be filled out. This is followed by a test. If you receive an offer of employment at one of the branches, then your application is evaluated and accepted, if not – no news may also mean rejection. Then as part of the recruitment process, you will receive an invitation to appear for an interview which will be held with one or more people from within the company.

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