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PQA Jobs 2022 – Latest Port Qasim Authority Pakistan

People who are desperately looking for job opportunities any sector of the employment industry and want to establish a bright future can acquire PQA Jobs. They have listed numerous vacancies on their website which range from entry-level to more senior positions, spanning all kinds of industries. Interested applicants can send their comprehensive applications now over to the company’s officials and they will be called in for interviews as they’re in need of new and fresh employees.

There are many open employment positions in the industry and they come from a variety of companies. The best part is that we have provided you with information on what those jobs entail as well as how much money you’ll be making if you happen to select them for yourself – though, keep in mind that paychecks are not representative of all companies. Please read the individual descriptions for more details on specific roles.

PQA Jobs – Latest Advertisement Karachi, Pakistan

PQA Jobs

Port Qasim Authority Organization

PQA is the short version for Port Qasim Authority, which is an interdisciplinary seaport located in Karachi, Pakistan. This port was established in accordance with the “Act of Parliament” that has been passed on 29 June 1973 under Secretary of Maritime and is also considered as the second port to be run by him. PQA is on the south-east along Karachi’s Indus Delta regions. Port Qasim Authority has been awarded titles such as ‘the only environmentally friendly / Green Terminal’ and ‘one of the most strategically placed ports’ since it lays on one of one of maritime routes through which a lot trading takes place throughout the entire world.

PQA is located in Karachi, where it services nearly 40% of the entire nation’s export trade through the sea. In conjunction with Karachi Port, PQA supports over 90% of the seaborne external trade for Pakistan. Places such as Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM), KESC Bin Qasim Power Plant, and 80% of Pakistan’s automotive industry are all found within this region. Additionally, Landhi and Korangi provide a strong industrial base for Pakistan as they make nearly 60% of the country’s exports.

Vacancies (Updated)

  • Officer in charge of hydraulics
  • Officer in charge of operations
  • Architect
  • Directing
  • Officer on the Deck
  • Translate master
  • Officer in charge of operations
  • Director of Engineering
  • Managing
  • Director of Hydrographics
  • Engineer in the Marine Corps
  • Flight-Pilot
  • Engineer, Navy
  • Officer
  • Commander of tugboats

Benefits and Salaries at PQA Jobs 

Although it goes without saying, jobs cultivate the basic needs of employees like providing them with quality products and benefits to make a comfortable life for themselves and their family. This is where we get the “job” part of our name! They not only think about delivering high-quality products, but also polish the skills and ideas of associates that can help over the long haul. At jobs, many individuals enjoy professional training and development teams which will focus on developing your collective and personal behavior and instill techniques by which you can boost your career.

  • Environment conducive to productivity
  • Security of employment
  • Optional advances
  • Learning and exploration opportunities
  • Lunch and tea are provided for free
  • Wonderful experience
  • Each quarter, bonuses

How to Apply Online for PQA Jobs? 

To apply for a PQA position, one must be sure to read all job descriptions and follow the necessary criteria for each position for which one is looking. Create an account on the PQA homepage www.pqa.gov.pk (or visit their profile on LinkedIn). Once logged in visit their “Current Vacancies” page and apply as instructed by filling out basic information as well as uploading any required documents.!

Submit your resume to the e-career portal or simply log in to the website, which is available on your school’s website. There are categories related to your academic background, previous employment experience, certificates, skills and achievements. Fill up these forms correctly with relevant details. Candidates must match with the eligibility criteria otherwise it won’t be of any use to submit an application as they will not receive any calls if they are not eligible.

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