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PTV Jobs 2022 – Pakistan Television Jobs in Pakistan

Individuals who already have a college degree in Mass Media, and either want to become professional journalists and broadcasters or want to work behind the scenes at government-owned channels can look into opportunities at PTV Jobs. Additionally, any interested people may also apply for jobs there if they’re a fan of Pakistani filmography. With PTV Jobs, you’ll learn how to manage your time as well as work with a team that enjoys what they do – and makes it all very easy for you if you stick around long enough!

Over time, one will grow as a person through experience. If someone is interested in being part of our team and helping us push the boundaries of interactive content, then you should apply for one of our current job positions particularly regarding visual content that have been listed below.

PTV Jobs – Latest Openings 2022 ( Apply Online)

PTV Jobs

Pakistan Television Corporation Organization

Pakistan Television Corporation is Pakistan’s first television station and opened officially in 1964 after the Government of Pakistan approved its creation. It was privately owned until it was nationalized in 1974 by Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq after receiving a petition from a local TV crew. The petition strongly opposed the expatriate control over such enterprises, particularly since most of the television crews were Japanese at that time. Today, it’s one of the national treasures our country holds on to.

When PTV launched in 1964, it only had 30 employees, but now they have 6,000 employed across the country. The channel was designed to educate and inform the people of Pakistan through entertainment and to instill in them a love for history, current affairs, heritage and development around the world. All decisions relating to PTV are made by an appointed Board of Directors that do so with full authority from the government housed in Islamabad.

Vacancies (Updated)

  • Supervisor of Telecommunications
  • Technician for telephones
  • Officer of Quality Control
  • UPS Manager
  • Technician for networks
  • IT Technician
  • Executive Vice President of Procurement
  • Supervisor of Telephones
  • Engineer, Network
  • Telecommunications Engineer
  • Technician for UPS
  • Supervisor of radio stations
  • Technician in SCADA
  • Supervisor, Audio Visual
  • An expert in switch gears
  • Director of Security
  • Manager of IPTV
  • Manager of Controls

Salaries and Benefits at PTV Jobs

PTV Careers, a company which is passionate about improving employee satisfaction and retention offers top-notch benefits for their new recruits/employees to enjoy. Trainees will have an excellent opportunity to grow and learn in their professional environment and develop their leadership skills by closely interacting with experts within the organization. PTV Careers aims to be the ultimate experience for its employees by providing friendly and open working environment conducive for learning and growth of each individual on personal and professional front alike!

  • Pickup and dropoff for free
  • Promotion and appreciation
  • Tea and lunch are provided for free
  • Managers who are honest and cooperative
  • A great salary package

How to Apply Online for PTV Jobs?

If you want to be part of the PTV family, then we would like to let you know that you need to read the specific criteria in order to be eligible for hiring. This process will help broaden your chances of getting a job on our very own channel. You can either apply online by moving through the necessary steps on our website or post your CV and application form directly to our address so we can evaluate it right away and have a look at your work history.

To apply for a job at PTV and be considered for an interview: Go to the official PTV website,, click on Employment Opportunities , then Create(your) Account , Fill in your information and submit your profile details before the closing date with specific details of your work experience listed on each form. Those who will get shortlisted because they meet the basic requirements according to their CV will be contacted by PTV and given another chance to appear for an interview.

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