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Serene Air Jobs 2022 – Opportunities in Karachi, Islamabad, and Throughout Pakistan

Serene Air Jobs is looking for aviation professionals who are eager to join Pakistan’s flourishing private sector and work in one of the country’s top airlines. Serene Airlines is searching for individuals who are diligent, hardworking, and efficient. They provide a wonderful flight experience, with a professional cabin crew staff that adds to the excitement. If you want to join this skilled team, click here to start your application.

They are dedicated to offering equal employment opportunities to all qualified applicants, therefore both male and female candidates may apply for the open positions advertised by them. Websites for prospective opportunities are publicized on their official page, and you may discover more about their procedure and background if you look at our site.

Currently Available Job Openings at Serene Air

Serene Air Jobs 1

SereneAir Organization

SereneAir is a top private airline in Pakistan, operating as an Airline. It opened in January 2017. The production of the first prototype was completed in October 2015, and a static test flight took place during the following January. The aircraft testing on Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority was finished in March 2016, with flying commencing on January 27th. They acquired their first plane in 2016, a Boeing 737-800. It was the plane’s first journey: to Islamabad. The headquarters of this airline is in Islamabad, Pakistan. They want to provide the greatest flying experience at the lowest price, therefore they’re focusing on improving the passenger experience.

Serene Airlines, founded in 2015 and based at San Antonio International Airport, has ambitious goals for passengers. It wants to provide a unique experience like no one else with its vast destinations, cutting-edge tools, eclectic cuisine, affordable fares, and excellent service. They have four Boeing jets on offer that are well-known for their safety and efficiency. A foot journey is a way for them to reach out and touch the earth. It allows professionals and experts to bring people closer together on a timeless adventure. Serene Air is a combination of customer service, excellence, and ambition that has made them the top airline among its competitors.

Vacancies available (Updated)

  • A warehouse associated with the company
  • Specialization in airside maintenance
  • Helper / Cleaner
  • Assistant to the scheduler
  • Terminal Exec
  • Designing graphics
  • Gendarmerie
  • Capt.
  • Services for customers at terminals
  • Recruiting cabin crew members
  • Human Resources Executive
  • Cabin for instructors on the ground
  • Inspector of quality of food
  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • Safety and Security General Manager
  • Driving
  • Counselor for travelers
  • Employee of the airline
  • Physician

Salaries and Benefits at SereneAir 

Serene Air Careers is an excellent method to begin your career in the aviation business because of the advantages they provide to enhance their employees’ confidence and loyalty. They are interested in giving their employees a variety of amenities that not only make their lives easier but also improve them as people. Aside from receiving one of the finest training sessions, this fantastic firm also offers a variety of other significant incentives:

  • Exposure to different ethnicities
  • Many nations were visited during the trip.
  • Different states are easily accessible by plane.
  • Accommodation and free hoteling
  • There’s a lot of learning potential here.
  • Family tickets are half price.
  • Training is required every year.
  • Management is very helpful.

How to Apply Online for Serene Air Jobs? 

Applicants who are seeking employment with Serene Air Jobs must be unsure of the requirements for their job application. We’ve put up a step-by-step guide for you to submit your application with ease. Please use the “Apply Here” button below to go to their official webpage and submit an application. You’ll be asked to create a new account.

They’ll send you an online form to complete based on the data in your certificates and degrees after you’ve filled out the forms with your legal name. Because any handwritten application will declare you unqualified for the position, you must submit it online. After the deadline for submitting ideas, a shortlist of potential winners will be drawn up. Those who are chosen to make this list will be contacted for further talks. After the interview, you’ll be invited to submit your CV and cover letter. You’ll receive a notification after we’ve received your application. After the wage has been paid, you will be sent an invitation to join.

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