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Sindh High Court Jobs 2022 – Latest SHC Careers In Pakistan

Candidates with law degrees who are willing to be a part of one of the most versatile and well-established government departments in Pakistan can apply for Sindh High Court jobs. To get these positions, applicants need to think about what it would take to be an asset in this kind of role – focusing on their education, training, previous experience, personality types that fit well into bureaucratic structures and more. Young graduates may feel discouraged that every position is not every open to them just yet but they will receive fresh opportunities when they graduate from law school!

They provide advancement and growth through means of employment that is never exclusive; therefore, nothing will ever stand in your way of finding a promotion if you possess skills and knowledge. Working for this department will be both fulfilling and beneficial to your career, so do not hesitate to apply today and start your prosperous tenure soon. Refer to the job advertisement made by this organization that they usually post about in reputable newspapers as well as popular websites. Get the latest updates on current openings available at SHC along with information regarding the job prerequisite qualifications by signing up for our weekly newsletter!

Apply Online for Sindh High Court jobs in Karachi

SHC Jobs 1

Sindh High Court History

The Sindh High Court is the highest court for civil and criminal cases in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. It was first formed as an ordinary Sadar Court back in 1866, which was only responsible for appealing on behalf of the people against judicial decisions taken by lower courts. A Judicial Commissioner acted as an intermediary between ordinary citizens and the Sadar Court until there was a formal separation of powers between the latter’s judiciary tiers.

In 1906, an amendment in the Bombay Act led to a change in Sindh’s Saar Court, which was then renamed to the Court of Sindh. The court is composed of two or three judges in addition to the chief justice. After 1935 when the province officially split from India, the British appointed majority of these justices in order to maintain civil administration in their provinces. There are two main seats of the SHC in Pakistan. One is located in Karachi while the other seat is located in Sukkur, Larkana, and Hyderabad. The seat can be held up until 62 years of age. The current Justice and 23rd CJ is Ahmed Ali Sheikh and was appointed on March 15, 2017.

Latest Vacancies (Updated)

  • Associate
  • Observer
  • Magistrates
  • Processing assistant
  • Generating Operator
  • Engineer
  • Rider-Dispatch
  • Judge of Additional Sessions
  • Mechanic
  • Lifting Operator
  • Plumbing
  • Admin Assistant
  • Naib Qasid
  • Watchman
  • Director of Security
  • Office Assistant, Junior
  • Gardner
  • Librarian
  • Judgment Judge
  • Health Care Worker

Salary and benefits for Jobs at the Sindh High Court

Candidates who apply for SHC Jobs won’t just get a job, they will receive a fulfilling career and an ethical and inclusive culture at their workplace that boosts their confidence and collaboration with their teammates. They spend significant amounts of time training their associates because they value the safety and well-being of every person on the company team because safety is important to them! Furthermore, employees at SHC feel confident in what they do as taking care of others is ingrained in the very fabric of the company’s values as demonstrated through its core mission statement: ‘Nothing matters more than your health.’

  • Plans for retirement
  • Transport allowances on a monthly basis
  • Accommodation for residents
  • Employees’ monthly rent
  • Scale of pay is attractive
  • Vacation time is plentiful
  • An environment that appreciates and supports
  • Management and colleagues who were helpful
  • Coverage for all medical expenses

How to Apply Online for Sindh High Court Jobs?

If you love working with justice and would like to do your part in fighting for it then you should see if any government jobs are available at the Sindh High Court. Those who apply to become qualified judges can find out more by clicking on this link. Please fill out and send the attached form to us. Applications received will be considered. Please do not submit incomplete applications and forms with incorrect information. We will not be able to accept applications that do not comply with these guidelines.

Two tests will be conducted. Multiple-choice questions will be used in the preliminary assessment, while subjective questions will be used in the final assessment. A minimum of 60% will be required on both tests in order to be contacted for an interview. Candidates who qualify will face a panel of judges, and those who are selected will receive a government appointment at Sindh High Court.

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